This unique stoneware and porcelain collection is the culmination of a six year process started with our ongoing one-of-a-kind series ‘Altered Perspectives

and further developed with our limited edition sets ‘Altered Histories’.


Having selected antique textiles, we have cast them together with the ceramics in positive relief, revealing the finest details of their structure while at the same time adding a softening effect to the various shapes.

The result reproduces the softness of the textile into the hardness of the ceramics, creating a highly tactile quality which challenges the viewer’s expectations and invites them to look further.

The ‘From A Different Cloth’ collection is handmade by us in our atelier in Amsterdam in very limited numbers. Each item features the subtle variations of handmade ceramics.


We welcome commissions from collectors, interior designers and chefs.


From A Different Cloth collection of handmade ceramics

ONE-OF-A-KIND and Limited EditionS

Ceramic Art pieces for table and wall decor

Copyright 2010-2017:LITTLE OWL DESIGN

From A Different Cloth

collection of handmade ceramics


Copyright 2010-2017:LITTLE OWL DESIGN